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Personal work out programs 

Train yourself with clear guidance

Each program includes one short meeting where we discuss training goals, preferences (exercises, equipment, place to work out etc), limits and doing necessary tests

Train yourself

Video program

The most easy way to go to your goals.

Forget about counting sets and reps. Listen the clear instructions on technique and feel the energy almost like I'd be standing next to you.

Program is filmed from warming up till cooling down.

Just press play and enjoy training.

Suit perfect for home/travel work out 

Price from 70 euro

Written workout program

Nothing works without a plan. By going to the gym and doing SOMETHING you will MAYBE get SOME results and DEFINITELY waste a lot of time. Other words, to archive your fitness goals you need a workout program. 

Price from 55 euro 

written workout program


Nutrition plays a key role in building a healthy body! This is why all my PT packages also cover it. 

You also can order meal plan or nutrition coaching  separately.

Price from 55 euro

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