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Olga Nemlander fitness

Personal Trainer Packages

Discover the benefits of personal training for free!

Book a virtual meeting with a personal trainer for a 15-20 minute online session. This is a great opportunity to determine if a trainer is right for you and express your fitness goals. Take the first step to your fitness journey today and meet your trainer for free!  Get in touch with me via E-mail to schedule a convenient online meeting.

Quick help. Face-to-face meeting with your coach.

Find a convenient time on your calendar.To purchase a package, simply book a time on the calendar.

Quick help

80 €

One meeting where we discourse specific question

Where: home or in the gym.

Duration: 60-90 min in depend of the working target

Send me a message and book your workout package.

Kick Start

280 € per month

4 PT meeting

valid for one month

*personal gym program

*support calls

*nutrition plan + 40 €

Supporting on Goals

259 € per month

8 PT meeting

valid for 2 months

*personal workout plan

*support calls

*nutrition plan + 40 €

Training friends

449 € per month

24 PT meeting (2 per week)

valid for 3 months

*personal workout plan

*support calls

*nutrition plan  + 40 euro 

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