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Each Monday you promise yourself to start your way to a better version of yourself. You even already bought for yourself new pairs of sneakers, but… the idea of stepping into the gym gives you the willies. So many different pieces of equipment.. you don't understand what to do and just don't want to look stupid (Not blaming, I know the feeling and I've been there).

You want  to have a better posture, be stronger and increase your endurance? But you don't know which exercises to choose? And how often to perform work out? 

You don't want to spend your valuable time looking for an efficient way to achieve your goals and looking for answers?          

I'm here to save your time and create the workout plan that will suit the best for you!

Or you have already been a gym member for years. But you still ain't satisfied with the result and even think about quitting. Or even worse: you start to feel pain from work out.


Let's look together at what you should do differently!           

Sometimes training process seems challenging...

I will be your gym guide!

What kind of PT I am?

My name is Olga Nemlander

I'm a European Health and Fitness Association certified personal trainer and Nutrition coach (Precision Nutrition L1 certification)

 I have 4.5 years of experience in creating training programs and teaching group classes. For more than 18 years, I’ve trained myself. And to be honest, I am a very demanding client.😁


Fitness is an area that doesn’t allow you to stand still, in a literal sense and same in terms of education and self development. Therefore, I am an eternal student, but also a practitioner.

I follow a holistic and functional approach and see our body as a whole and interconnected system. If one link in our body does not work properly, the whole chain may break.


With me its easy to adore working out. Because first of all  we will train to feel good in our everyday life, to live without pain and to enjoy the movement; this is what functional fitness is about.

No worries, I’m not crossing out leanness and a beautiful shape of glutes.


I am twice a C-sectioned mom. So I know from my own experience that postpartum recovery is not always easy. You need to be very careful from what to start and I know the safe way back to shape and work out routine. 

Let’s be a training friends! I will help you fall in love the movement in same way I'm. And when you love, what you doing results are guaranteed 

Olga Nemlander personal trainer
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