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        I'll motivate you to get your butt off the chair. I'm a personal trainer and instructor of group fitness programs. 

I specialize in functional fitness, pilates, and mobility. 

My approach is working with the body comprehensively, considering it as a single system that needs to be trained in balance. 


You can come to me not only for a slender figure but also for posture correction. I have experience working with complex cases (spinal hernias, dysplasia, diastasis).


My clients say my workouts relieve headaches better than "Burana"(ibuprofen).

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DSC_Fitness Industry Expert Olga Nemlander

Each Monday, you promise to start your way to a better version of yourself. You even bought new pairs of sneakers, but… the idea of stepping into the gym gives you the willies. So many different pieces of equipment... you are confused about what to do and afraid to look stupid. It kills motivation, I know.

Or maybe you just missing a friend who will wait for you at the gym, celebrate your victories, and motivate you to keep going?


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