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Olga Nemlander Personal trainer

Olga Nemlander

Functional fitness ; 3D training; Mobility

Fitness, that make you feel great

To feel good in your own body, to have an ease of movement,  to have better posture and live without back pain and reduce the risk of injury.

These are training goals functional fitness helps you to achieve.

Functional fitness is a type of fitness that focuses on developing practical skills and improving functional endurance to improve daily tasks and activities. It is based on the principle of using exercises that simulate natural body movements in daily life. 

We need to balance our workout : strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility and agility. Can’t cross out any one of those. And they all are part of functional fitness.   

Train not for looking good in clothes, but to feel comfortable in own body

How I can help you


Personal training

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Ручные пружинные расширители

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